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  • On any given day, there are an estimated 2 million children in America with at least one parent in prison or jail.
  • 1 in every 100 adults in America is in jail or prison.
  • An estimated 2.7 million children in California have a parent currently in California’s adult criminal justice system, including approximately 195,000 who have parents in a state prison.
  • For nearly 70 years, Friends Outside has been providing services to incarcerated and reentering people, their families and communities.

Children of an Incarcerated Parent

Support a Child of an Incarcerated Parent

Many people forget that when a parent is incarcerated, the time they do on the inside is also done by their children. Life changes when your parent is incarcerated. Studies have shown that kids need to stay connected to their parents for health and mental health reasons. Family finances change as well. Children still need school supplies, clothing, food, etc. Making a donation to this fund allows us to assist children and families of incarcerated parents with the needs for daily living missing as a result of incarceration. Please donate today!

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