We Believe in
Second Chances

Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul, that sings the song without the words and never stops at all.

Emily Dickinson

Programs and Services

Mother reading to son

FRIENDS OUTSIDE OFFERS a wide array of programs and services to fulfill its mission. The work of our organization is based upon fundamental beliefs rooted in Quaker principles. Friends Outside’s numerous years of working compassionately and diligently to provide programs and services to families and children impacted by incarceration, and our work in prisons and jails, are a testament to our commitment. Our successes reflect the evidence-based practices that we utilize.

Friends Outside offers a range of programs for incarcerated individuals and their families that address their unique needs. We have found that it is imperative to take into consideration the needs of the entire family in order increase the likelihood of a successful reentry.

Advocacy for Children of Incarcerated Parents

Home in palms of handFriends Outside is a national leader in advocating for the rights of children of incarcerated parents. We want to help children by reducing the stigma, shame, and trauma which is frequently the result of a parent’s incarceration. The Bill of Rights for Children of Incarcerated Parents was conceived of by Gretchen Newby, our Executive Director, based on the cumulative experience of Friends Outside volunteers and staff who work with families and children of incarcerated parents.

The Bill of Rights has received international attention for its effort to improve the lives of children touched by parental incarceration. It has been adopted to guide policy by local, state, national, and international policy-making bodies.